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     What is precious to me about Jerry O’Neil is the fact that he is someone who stands out in a crowd, simply because he opens his mouth and acts on his word in defending us all, but especially the little guy! On top of which he is so humble he apologizes when he has absolutely no need to. Having known Jerry now for seven years, I have had the privilege to be able to pick his brain about a wide variety of issues, and Jerry is right on.

     In offering the services that Jerry does, he has exposed himself to a lot of heat from those who seek to make defending others a monopoly. The legal system has become a majority of empty suits who find pride in their schooling but are clueless when it comes to rolling up their sleeves and working to do a good job.

     Jerry has gone way beyond where most men would faint in the task of fighting the system and to protect our rights and his. There are those who would ridicule Jerry for his tenacity in battles through the courts to protect our right to defend ourselves, but when you sit down and read the documentation of the battle you come away with an admiration of a man with a job well done.

     Jerry as a deep thinker has many ideas on how to make things better, but most of all Jerry is a very detailed, hard working, warm person, that knows what he is doing and will not stop till it is done right.

- Leonard Falk, MT